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Communication is at the heart of every relationship, be it in friendship, family, even to God (through prayer), and in our context, business to client relationship.  Ever wondered how can your potential customers may know about your products / services? We are here to bridge the gap between you and your customers. We use various types of business communication strategies in order to know the specific etiquettes and standards tailor-made for your specific situations.

We are a 360° solutions provider in the communication, marketing & media sector. Our whole team, be it the management, designers, marketing agents and the technical guys, being graduated & experienced in their related fields takes a pleasure in delighting your needs.

'Ad To Art' is derived from the unique concept of 'Adding Artists' (Graphic Artists, Web & Multimedia Artists, etc), where 'Add' is shortened to 'Ad' representing Advertising, and mixed to 'Add to Cart' (web-based / modern trading).

As we have a group of artists, we thus have a panoply of different services, with various fields, but teamed up as one, to be a one-stop-shop in the advertising / communication field. Hence we have a very competitive pricing strategy on the market.

Platform of Digital Artist - Freelance Career Prospects

We have the unique concept of a Platform of Digital Artist, regrouping all types of artists under one roof! If you would like to be added to our professional artists' list, if you have the Art of Creativity (Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Digital Animation Artist) or if you have the Art of Communication (Marketing Agents), please register freely on our Platform.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable you to achieve more. Discover what drives viewers be interested in you now. Ad To Art Ltd injects dynamism & relevance into your business life.

Ad To Art Ltd is to drive the growth of your company and thus providing & ensuring every opportunity to realize their ambitions for sustainable growth.


Our Vision

To realize our customers’ ambition by growth:

• Making our services unique, tailor-made, relevant and accessible as much as possible to all customers through market-driven product design and an optimal route to markets.

• Be present in all markets where our customers have significant business interests through further expanding our geographical presence.

• We realize the growth potential of our clients/ people by giving them the best skills selling power and valuable marketing strategies to deliver our promise to our customers whilst fulfilling their personal goals.


Goals & Strategy

Stable profitable growth is one of Ad To Art Ltd's strategic objectives.

At the heart of our strategy is a desire to create an enduring business with sustainable revenue growth and a secure, stable increase in profits to meet our customer's need irrespective of the size or scope of their business.

Ad To Art Ltd brings the finest, distinguish particular touch to your business.

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